Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not a resolution, more of a goal.

I used to love to write.  I'd get lost in it and was told I was pretty good at it.    I'd like to get back to it.  My goal is to force myself to stop, take a breath, and write about whatever is going on instead of thinking, "That's make a great blog.  I'll get to it later."  Later never comes.  If it did, I'd have forgotten what I was going to write about anyway.

So here's my goal.  To write what I want, as often or sporadic as I want, and not think about whether anyone will read it, like it, hate it, etc.  To not limit myself based on what I think other people may think.  Yep, I'm a mind reader.  It's one of my character defects.

I'm hoping that in my blog, I'll rediscover the art of forming complete paragraphs (as opposed to the random snippets I toss out of facebook).  I assume my writings will be about sobriety, parenting, trying to get healthy...really whatever I happen to be into at the moment.  I can't promise great content, but I can promise the truth to the best of my knowledge.  If I'm REALLY on the ball, you might even find something to laugh at, or at least get a mildly amused smirk out of the deal.