Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Road block.

I think I have a blogger inferiority complex.  There are so many instances when I've thought, "That would be a great blog" but then don't write it because I think it won't measure up to some of the "greats" that I read (*ahem* I Want a Dumpster Baby, Mom Off Meth, reading (and chickens), Insane in the Mombrain and SO many others).  Looks like once again that asshole "fear" got in my way again.  Since I refuse to turn a blind eye to fear anymore, now I have to do something about it.  Tonight I will write a proper blog post about something that may or may be interesting and/or funny.  <--I have now left it vague enough to cover my insecurities.  Being me is annoying sometimes.  ;-)