Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No, I would NOT like it if Elvis shook his penis at me!

Scene from the swing set last night:
8 (youngest daughter) climbing around like a monkey: Ah! I almost fell on my penis. <lots of giggling>

 9 (oldest daughter): Did you hear that mom? She said she almost fell on her penis.

Me: Yes, I heard. <only sort of paying attention>
<more giggling and penis talk by 8 & 9>

Me: We DO remember that no one that lives here has a penis, right?

9: Yeah, but Elvis had a pelvis and Elvis liked to shake his
pelvis and thanks to you helping me study for my bones test, I know what and where a pelvis is.
8: If Elvis shook his pelvis, that means he'd be shaking his penis. Hey MOM, do you think that's why everyone liked Elvis? Because he shook his penis while singing?
Me: Maybe.
9: Well I don't think I'd like it if some boy shook his penis at me while singing me a song...even IF he was a really good dancer.

Seriously...I couldn't make this stuff up.

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