Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look at the dancing bear!

Ok, you got me.  This post isn't about dancing OR bears.  I figured since I started a facebook page that links to my blog, I certainly don't want my most recent post to be the mini-meltdown one that is now right before this.  That would be like trying to attract people by showing them your leprosy.  Not a great first impression.

For simplicity's sake, here's the nuts & bolts about me:
I am happily divorced and my 2 short people live with me.  #7 is 7 going on 30. #9 is 9 going on 15.  They are both much to much like there mother most of the time.  Luckily, I am funny and easily amused. Those qualities have saved them from being sold (or at least borrowed) to the gypsies more than once.  #7 is more serious and has a dry sense of humor.  She is hysterical.  The one-liners she comes up with stop me in my tracks.  #9 is the sensitive one.  She wants to be loved by all and has learned to hide her pain with humor.  Yep...they're their mother's daughters.  Unfortunately, they also have a little bit of their father in them.  He's not a BAD guy, I'm just glad he's on his own and not my problem anymore.

I come from a family where "funny trumps mean" any day of the week.  We love each other fiercely, but we'll also laugh like hell if you fall UP the stairs or drop your lunch on the floor.

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