Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stereotypes - a repost because I think I'm funny.

My dear, sweet, black-hearted friend posted THIS BLOG (which I highly recommend you read so you'll understand what set me off) about stereotypes which then led me to follow with the following comments:

Obviously the person/people bitching about unfunny sober people have never been around sober-by-choice people. I, too, say "have one for me" to normal drinkers. I never wanted to be a "normal" drinker anyway. I wanted to be drunk. Now. With giddiness, dizziness, and extreme irresistableness (yes, I'm making up words to suit my purpose). Unfortunately it always progressed to sluttiness and I-hate-myself-ness.

Here are some of the stereotypes I get to deal with:

1. Fat people are lazy.
Yes, I can be lazy, but it usually comes after a day of getting kids off to school, going to work, battling through stubborn kid homework, making supper, getting everything prepared for next day, laundry, and collapsing into bed for an hour of me-time before falling asleep. Lather, rinse, repeat, 5 days a week. <--Check out those rhyming skills. ;-)

2. People on welfare are lazy bums screwing the taxpayers.
I wish I didn't have to rely on the government for assistance, but I do and am very grateful it is there. Without state-subsidized health insurance, my children and I would have NO health insurance. I KNOW how lucky I am to qualify. Without the ins. I would have to go off my meds. That's not good. An unmedicated asthmatic with allergies who is prone to depression isn't a good thing to have roaming around, much less raising children.

Part of my attempt to pay back society in return for my insurance is to not live like a drunken douchebag and commit crimes. That's the least I can do.

3. Fat chicks are either really funny or total bitches.
Ok, you got me on the funny part. Bitchiness usually must be provoked for some time. I'm actually quite nice. In fact, my older brother told me, "You're the only friendly chubby girl I've ever known." He means well. lol

I WOULD like to ask chubby girls to stop SPREADING some stereotypes by wearing spandex or clothes that are 4 sizes to small. Just because you "always buy a size 8" doesn't mean you always SHOULD. I'm not saying you should shop at Tent & Awning, but there's gotta be a happy medium between that and "Muffin Tops & Butt Cracks-R-Us".

Don't forget - I'm a chubby girl, so I have all the right in the world to make that request.

With all of that being said, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!


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