Monday, January 30, 2012

Is it something in the water?

Today has been one of those days where I have a puzzled look stuck on my face and am wondering "what the hell?".

Puzzling situation 1:  A man called the store and said, "Hi, this is Brian.  My wife just called.  She's stuck in your car wash.  Bye." Click.  Umm...ok.  I called down to one of the cashiers and had her find the VP to go handle the situation.

Note to car wash users - if there are painted yellow lines on the floor big enough to drive between, please drive BETWEEN them.  If you have your wheels over either one, not only are you REALLY close to the wall, but the automatic car wash will not start up because it knows you are in the wrong spot and it would hit you, therefore causing it to stay right where it is.  Just like on the road, keep it between the lines.

Puzzling situation 2: A woman called the store saying she wrote us a bad check.  I told her that we use a check service that guarantees our checks and therefore she will have to contact them to straighten it out.  She proceeds to tell me she talked to Becky (there's no Becky that works here), and that Becky said if she just brought $13 cash by tomorrow, everything would be taken care of.  I ask the lady if she's sure she's calling the right place because there is no Becky and that our check policy is blah blah blah and if she holds on just a second, I will get her the number for Telecheck.  She proceeds to get pissy with me because she has to PAY for long distance calls (although I've already told her it was a toll-free number), and that she only gets $50/week.  I again politely explain to her that she will have to call Telecheck on their toll-free line because even if she brought me cash, I wouldn't be able to take it or help her in anyway.  After I give her the number she says, "This is dumb." click.

I know the situation is annoying if you're the one IN it, but here's a few hints:
a) don't write bad checks
b) don't lie to the bookkeeper about talking to employees that don't exist
c) said bookkeeper has been hearing stories like this since the late 1990s and has little sympathy for it
d) DON'T WRITE BAD CHECKS and you can avoid the whole situation.

Oh case you are still in a lurch wondering what happened to the lady stranded in the car wash, the VP reset it, had her drive around to the entrance again, had her slide over to the passenger seat, and then got in and drove her into the car wash so she could experience and learn the correct way to handle the stress of driving in and sitting there for 5 minutes.

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  1. AHA! I know the car wash lady... well, those like her. I helped a woman change a tire because she flattened it and her fender while doing some custom parking in an automatic car wash.