Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dearest CAPTCHA - ScRewYou!

CAPTCHA is becoming one of the banes of my existence.  I get why they (yes, I've decided captcha is plural) are used, but the annoy the crap out of me nonetheless.  No one wants internet robots unleashing their unruliness all over people's blogs, but c'mon, really?  My brain has a hard time figuring out what letters are all morphed and smashed together in those little boxes.  If I were a robot, wouldn't I have moved on after the 3rd failed attempt?  Shouldn't I be granted access for persistence?  And don't even think about clicking on the box for the visually impaired.  If you do, some transit worker reject surrounded by white noise attempts to give me random words to type and hopes of cracking the infuriating code.  Have a mentioned I'm going deaf in one ear thanks to genetics? So...I can't SEE the words and I can't HEAR the words.  Lucky me.

The reason I point this out is because the soul-crushing cApTcha is completely limiting my ability to spread my twisted humor and sarcasm upon the unsuspecting human race.  Now before coming up with what I'm sure will be a prophetic response, I have to gauge whether or not it's funny enough to deal with the impending captcha doom and gloom.  I'm not being held back by The Man, I'm being held back by The Captcha!

If I had balls, and if captcha had a mouth, I'd most certain tell them to suck it.

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